Neuro-Linguistic Programming NLP can also be used In Therapy

Since Neuro-Linguistic Programming NLP is an advanced way of communication it can certainly be used in therapy.

Every NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner online course knows the basic core concept of NLP which is “The map is not the territory,” this concept actually highlights the differences between belief and reality. It shows that every individual operates within their own perspective rather than from a place of objectivity.


In fact, every person’s perception of the world is distorted, limited, and unique. A therapist who practices NLP must understand how a person in therapy perceives their “map” and the effect this perception may have on that person’s thoughts and behavior.

An individual’s map of the world is formed from the information and experiences that being received through the senses. This information can be auditory (hearing), visual (seeing), olfactory (smelling), gustatory (tasting), or kinesthetic (feeling).

The information and experiences received are often vary between individuals in terms of quality and significance… each person processes their experiences and information using a primary representational system.

Often a qualified NLP therapist uses a set of NLP therapy guidelines to ensure a successful session. The therapist works on understanding the client’s primary representational system to be able to match and use the client’s map.  

A qualified NLP therapist works on understanding the client’s emotional and thinking patterns leading to the behavior. By assessing the client’s map, the therapist can help the client to find and develop the strategies that are needed to replace the unproductive or unwanted ones.   

NLP Master Practitioner Certification Training produces fast, long lasting results and certainly improves understanding the cognitive and behavioral patterns. NLP also helps in building effective communication between the conscious and the unconscious (subconscious) mental processes to help people to increase their creativity skills as well as their problem-solving skills.

Since the beginning of Neuro-linguistic Programming, NLP has been used as a therapy for a wide range of psychological issues and traumas issues including:

Anxiety, phobias, and panic, communication issues, post-traumatic stress, depression, attention-deficit hyperactivity, addiction, schizophrenia, obsessions and compulsions as well as many other issues.

In a Neuro-Linguistic Programming NLP therapy session, the NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner online training course often uses some techniques such as Parts Integration, Reframing, Strategies, Anchoring, Metaphors, Submodalities, The Swish technique and many other techniques depending on the situation, issue and the desired outcome.

Popular use of NLP Master Practitioner Certification Training within the therapy circles are counsellors, hypnotherapists, life coaches, social workers and similar professions and work fields. However, NLP is certainly used by most speakers especially motivation speakers, business gurus and others who work within the self-help industry in relation to therapy and life coaching.

Furthermore, Neuro-Linguistic Programming NLP isn’t only used for therapeutic reasons, but also in business and education.

Learning NLP Master Practitioner Certification Online Training is much recommended for any person who is in the business, education and therapy industries or whoever is seeking a career change. NLP by far is the ultimate personal development course for any individual seeing to reach their full potentials.